Publication of competition results

Your individual competition results will normally be published in your personal page (menu Personal info > My personal data) according to the schedule below.

Competition Publishing results
WP Published - Su 7 August, 18.34 h
TP Published - Su 7 August, 22.35 h
NT Published - Mo 8 August, 06.35 h
TC Published - Mo 8 August, 13.18 h
AT Published - Mo 8 August, 18.17 h
SC Published - Mo 8 August, 14.28 h
RT Published - Mo 8 August, 14.38 h


In case of unforeseen circumstances, the publication schedule can be adapted.

The competitor or his representative must make any motivated complaint over his results in writing, not later than 2 hours after the competitor has been given access to his results, by sending an e-mail to the jurypresident at, explaining clearly the reason of complaint.

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